Cypress Control – how it started?

Cypress Control was created when we realized there wasn’t an ideal solution offering all the features and benefits we wanted on the market.

As a supplier  to clinical laboratories all over the world, Cypress Diagnostics – the ‘mother’ company of Cypress Control – needs to be sure that the samples and reagents used for clinical tests are stored and transported in perfect conditions, according to Cypress Diagnostics quality guidelines.

As a quality-minded company with ISO certification and CE-approved products, Cypress Diagnostics scoured the market for a fitting solution and found none. This is why it created its own, and is now happy to offer it to you.

Founded in 1995, Cypress Diagnostics is a family-owned business, and based in Hulshout, Belgium. Our products are used and appreciated in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Trust, but verify

‘Trust, but verify’ is how we see it at Cypress Control, after all, promises are all very well, but factual data is far better. With total control over the parameters you want to measure, you can automatically send temperature data reports to the people you choose via e-mail. This impartial reporting method means that everyone involved with the storage and shipment gets the same facts and information at exactly the same time. In this way everyone will know precisely whether or not your products have travelled in the optimum and agreed-to conditions.