The more you know, the smarter you’ll be

Cypress Control has developed a technically sophisticated temperature logger that is compact, inexpensive and flexible. Significantly it’s also user friendly and adaptable; customers can choose and change parameters according to the shipment or job in hand, even from a distance. Offering temperature measurements to within 0.2°C, they are tamper-proof, meaning they are highly appropriate for regulatory environments. Total operating costs are kept to a minimum as the equipment has a quality finish, and is built to last.

The regular connectivity of the base station to the cloud means you can closely monitor the actual temperature status of your goods during transport and shipping. Better still, the base station will send a signal – via SMS – if ever one of the data loggers detects a variance from the pre-set, (by you,) parameters indicating there could be a problem. This lets you call the right people immediately to solve the issue, before it’s too late.

When you have important and temperature sensitive goods, it makes economic sense to know they have been stored and transported in optimal conditions throughout the entire supply chain.